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The Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health and Wellness continues its fogging exercise next week in Christ Church, St. Michael and St. James.

On Monday, November 16, areas to be fogged in Christ Church are Marine Gardens, Queens Way, Halls Gap, Hastings, Dayrells Road, Navy Gardens, York Road, Exeter Road, St. Matthias with Avenues, Harts Gap with Avenues and environs.

On Tuesday, November 17, fogging continues in the St. Michael districts of Friendship Terrace, Lowlands Drive, Lowland Close, Green Hill, Mahaica Gap, Lewis Gap, Lodge Hill, Lodge Crescent, Emerald Drive, Sapphire Drive, Topaz Drive, Eden Lodge Housing Area and surrounding areas.           

On Wednesday, November 18, the team will return to St. Michael to spray New Orleans with Avenues, Pickwick Gap with Avenues, Westbury Road, Phillips Gap, School Gap, Pounders Gap, Grants Gap, Rihanna Drive, Parris Gap with Avenues and neighbouring districts.

On Thursday, November 19, they will again be in St. Michael fogging Kensington New Road, Farnum Land, Murphy Pasture, Chapman Lane with Avenues, Lakes Folly, Mason Hall Street, Reed Street, Suttle Street, Tudor Street and environs.

On Friday, November 20, the team will be in St. James spraying Paradise Heights, Hopefield Close, Wanstead Drive, 2nd, 4th and 6th Avenues Wanstead Terrace, West Terrace, West Terrace Gardens with Avenues 1 to 16 and surrounding areas.

Fogging takes place between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. each day. Householders are reminded to open their doors and windows to allow the spray to enter.

The public is asked to note that the completion of the scheduled fogging activities may be affected by events beyond the control of the Vector Control Unit. In such circumstances, the Unit will return to affected communities as soon as possible.

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