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The Ministry of Health’s Vector Control Unit will continue its efforts to control the spread of dengue and other mosquito borne diseases next week, when a number of districts across Barbados are fogged.

On Monday, October 9, the following districts in St. Philip will be fogged: Apple Hall, Inchcape Terrace, Ocean View with Avenues, Harrismith, Shewsbury, Bequest Tenantry, Harmony Hall, Eastbourne, Lynches, Lynches Tenantry, Casuarina Development, Merricks, East Point, Sealy Hill, St. Catherine and the environs.

The following day, Tuesday, October 10, the team will move to St. Peter and spray Olton Alley, Ashton Hall, Clarkes Road, Corbin Road, Reservoir Road, Millionaire Road, Station Hill, Around-the-Town, Golden Mile, Douglas Development, Church Hill Road, Tom Bend Road, Mile and a Quarter and neighbouring districts.

The Vector Control Unit will be in the parish of St. Andrew on Wednesday, October 11, where it will concentrate on Farmers, Hillaby, Mount Hillaby, Church Gap with Avenues, Harewood Road, White Hill, Mose Bottom, Gregg Farm, Turners Hall and surrounding areas.

On Thursday, October 12, the team will conduct fogging operations in St. Michael and will spray Parkinson Field, Field Road, Rock Avenue, Rock Close, Bottom Close, Factory Avenue, Pine East West Boulevard, Regent Hill, Phillips Road, Midway Lane, Newton Crescent, North Wildey Terrace with Avenues and the environs.

The Vector Control team returns to St. Michael on Friday, October 13, and will fog Ellis Village, Halls Road, Bibby’s Lane, Marl Hole, School Lane, Belmont Road, Carrington Village, St. Hill Road, Alkins Road, Quakers Road, Northam Road, Chadderton Road, Tweedside Road, Arthur Land with Avenues, Harmony Hall, Dr. Kerr Land, Greenidge Road, School Road, Springer Gap, Taylor Gap, Brathwaithe’s Gap, Prescod Bottom and neighbouring districts.

The fogging operations run from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day and residents are reminded to open their doors and windows to allow the spray to penetrate.

Parents are reminded that children should desist from playing in the fog or running behind the fogging machine.


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