Environmental Health Officers from the Vector Control Unit of the Health Ministry will begin fogging on Monday March 16, in areas bordering Christ Church and St. Philip.

Districts to be visited are Woodbourne, Woodbourne Tenantry, St. Patrick’s, Bright Hill, Waldron Village, Lowthers, Fair View, Lead Vale, Lowland Park and their environs.
A return to Christ Church and St. Philip on Tuesday, March 17, will see fogging at St. Patrick’s, Sion Hill, Pritchards Hill, Packers Valley, Woodbourne, Highland Tenantry, Foursquare Tenantry and their surroundings.

On Wednesday, March 18, the team will journey to areas around St. George and St. Michael. These are: Dash Valley, Monroe Road, Salters Road, Salters Tenantry Road, Cutting Road, Haynes Hill, Pasture Road, Mapp Hill, Roberts Road, Plum Tree Road, Sinclair Road, Kings Gap, Haggatt Hall, Haggatt Hall Development, Bird Hill, Neil’s Road and environs.

St. James will be targeted on Thursday, March 19. On that day, the team will visit Trents Tenantry, Greenwich Village, Westmoreland, Porters, Quick Hill, Mount Standfast, Store House Gap, The Garden and surroundings.

Fogging culminates on Friday, March 20 in St. Michael. The districts to be sprayed include Kew Road, Holders Land, Promenade Road, Bank Hall Main Road, Industry Road, Military Road, Review Road, Perfection Road, 1st to 4th Avenues Alleynes Land, Richards Land, Marshall Land, Ellis Road, Reece Road, Powlett Road, Stadium Road, Butlers Avenue, Bow Road, Syndicate Road, Pioneer Road, Chapel Gap, Civilian Road and their surroundings.

All fogging runs from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and householders are asked to assist by opening windows and doors to allow the fog to penetrate.

Persons with respiratory problems should protect themselves from inhaling the fog while pedestrians and motorists must proceed with caution when encountering fogging operations on the street.

Parents are instructed to prohibit children from playing in the fog or running behind the fogging machine.


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