When the Ministry of Health continues its fogging programme next week, there will be heavy emphasis on Christ Church and St. Michael.

Fogging starts Monday, February 22, in Christ Church, with the team from the Vector Control Unit visiting Upton, Kent, Fort George Heights, South Ridge, Cox Road, St. David’s and their environs.

A return to Christ Church on Tuesday, February 23, will see fogging at Pilgrim Road, Coverley Tenantry, Coverley Terrace, Charnocks, Rock Hall and their surroundings.

The following day, Wednesday, February 24, Harts Gap with Avenues, St. Matthias Road, Pleasant Hall, Marine Gardens, Rockley Road with Avenues, Dayrells Road, Hastings Main Road, Balmoral Gap, Halls Gap, Hood Road, Village Road, Brownes Gap, Coconut Walk, Nelson Road, Exeter Road, York Road, Old Navy Road, Pavilion Court and the environs, will be fogged.

The first fogging of St. Michael districts begins on Thursday, February 25. ??Areas to be visited are: Upper Collymore Rock, Pine Gardens, Bishop Court Hill, South Bend,

Sunset & Sunrise Drive, Philip Drive, Elizabeth Drive, Margaret Terrace, Mount Joy, Prince Gap, Pine North-South Road, Pine Plantation Road, 1st & 2nd Avenue Cedar Hill, Croton Avenue, Princess Royal Avenue, Edge Cliff, Harewood Walk, Harbour View, York Terrace, Lascelles Terrace and their surroundings.

Fogging culminates on Friday, February 26 with a return to St. Michael. The areas to be sprayed are: Bridge Gap, Black Rock Main Road, Ferniehurst, Deacons Road, Jones Land, Deacons Court, Lennox Avenue, Weekes Land, Seales Land, Greaves Land, Small Land, Wilkinson Land, Hanschell Land, Alkins Land, Belair Land, Richmond Gap, Eagle Hall, President Kennedy Drive and their environs.

Fogging runs from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day and householders are urged to assist in the control of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which causes dengue, by opening all windows and doors to allow the fog to enter.

Pedestrians and motorists should be cautious when encountering the fogging operations on the street. Persons with respiratory problems are asked to protect themselves from inhaling the fog.??


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