The Folkestone Park and Marine Reserve is still open to business, contrary to a headline carried in the Wednesday, June 27, edition of the Mid-Week Nation which indicated that it was closed.

However, in a matter of months it is the expected that the facility would be closed, but no date has been set for the closure which is being done to facilitate work on its redevelopment as part of the Holetown Waterfront Improvement Project.

The Holetown, St. James facility will form the last component of the 14-month long project which is expected to get under way by late August, or early September. When a date for its closure is finalised, residents and members of the general public will be properly notified in advance.

The Folkestone area will be transformed from a revetment in poor condition, to one which will boast two pocket beaches, safer water access points, a concrete walkway and increased pedestrian traffic. The changes are also expected to generate more retail business.

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