Come January 1, 2010, the Environmental Health Division of the Warrens Polyclinic will be piloting a food hygiene star rating award system.

??The system will be used as part of the inspection process of all restaurants in the Warrens Polyclinic catchment area, based on their food hygiene standards.

In addition to providing recognition for businesses that display good standards of food hygiene, it will give encouragement and opportunity to other food establishments to improve and maintain high standards.

Adapted from the Middlesbrough Council’s Scores on the Doors programme, in England, the system will rate these restaurants on three set of factors. They are: food handling practices, procedures and temperature control; layout of the premises, facilities, cleaning and state of structure of premises and management’s role in ensuring the execution of proper food handling practices, and food safety training for staff members.

The star rating will be as follows: 5 stars-Excellent; 4 stars-Very Good; 3 stars- Good; 2 stars-Fair; 1 star – Poor and 0 stars-Major improvement needed. The award will be valid until December 31, of each year that it is given but will be withdrawn if standards deteriorate within the year.

A star rating certificate will be issued when owners receive their yearly restaurant licence and the certificate will remain the property of the Ministry of Health. ??Managers will be asked to display these certificates in a prominent position within the establishment.

The Warrens Polyclinic has already issued restaurant owners/managers in the area with a checklist on the requirements for the awards programme.

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