Steps toward the attainment of food sovereignty and food security within all of its sub-sectors will be the Ministry of Agriculture’s thrust in the coming year.
And according to Minister of Agriculture, Senator Haynesley Benn, his Ministry also intends to lead by example especially in terms of utilising the available lands in the Ministry’s vicinity.

Speaking following a presentation of funds to the Barbados 4H Foundation, Senator  Benn  today  disclosed: “We in the  Ministry  intend to lead by example…We must be in a position to produce the varieties we want farmers to produce under the various conditions (like Greenhouses) , and let them see how it is done. We have the expertise, our people are qualified and trained. We have the resources here – so, we must lead by example.”

Senator Benn added also that the Ministry was endeavoring that “the island continues to be self-sufficient in poultry in terms of eggs and chicken production, and to continue providing support for dairy farmers.” Additionally the Minister said he wanted to see an increase in lamb and beef production in order to chip away at current imports, as well as for local producers to be able to age their beef and lamb. 

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