It is good when the State makes an investment in the future of its young people, that they feel it necessary to give back.

This was the message conveyed today as Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, expressed gratitude to Lana Ashby, a former recipient of the National Development Scholarship, when she presented him with a copy of her published work: Simplifying Contract Law: Cases and Materials for the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Noting that the textbook was addressed to the ???Government and People of Barbados with Thank You???, Mr. Jones reflected that some had passed through the Ministry after sharing their ideas as awardees of this scholarship, and had never done likewise.

???This is possibly the most practical because it not only reaches us in the form of a presentation to the Government and People of Barbados in simplifying Contract Law, but it also gives to hundreds of students the ability to read contract law in a very simplified way. It gives them a deeper understanding of this aspect of law,??? he declared.

The Minister also noted that it would also aid sixth formers and those at the Barbados Community College, the Law Faculty at the Cave Hill Campus and private institutions.Stating that the investment in Ms. Ashby was beginning to pay off, the Education Minister said, ?????? not only did you have a sojourn at Cave Hill, for two years, but you have made it possible now for the students to get a quality text that could enhance their own understanding and knowledge by one of their own, a Barbadian…???

The Education Minister said it showed that Ms. Ashby was nurtured in a home environment which accepted that ???to whom much is given, much is expected???, and her parents were to be complimented.

While acknowledging that Barbadians would be pleased at what she had achieved thus far academically and with the production of the text, Mr. Jones expressed the hope that it was only the beginning. He noted that the Cave Hill Campus had produced great lawyers but told the young author the country also needed academics who could teach persons to be ???brilliant and good???, and to recognise that law served a purpose.

???To me, part of that purpose is to give people an opportunity to feel as though they are part of a good legal system and part of a democratic environment in which that good legal system can be practised,??? he stressed.

Ms. Ashby, in echoing the Minister???s sentiments, expressed thanks for the 2011 scholarship and said: ???I see education as very important. We know that many Barbadians were not born fortunate but education empowers us and allows us to get places that we would not ordinarily get.??? Pointing out that the investment took her to the University of Cambridge, she noted that while there, she was able to share Barbados??? legal tradition.

The author, whose passion at age 25 is to research and publish in other areas of Law, admitted that her initial intention, for this text, was to compile her worksheets into a book but this blossomed into a 787-page book, with over 250 Commonwealth Caribbean cases from over 14 jurisdictions. ???I hope this book will serve as motivation to other young people to strive for excellence in whatever area they have chosen,??? she said.

Lana Ashby is a former Lecturer at the University of the West Indies in the areas of Contract Law I and II; Corporate Insolvency Law and Corporate Finance Law. Having completed her initial legal studies at the University of the West Indies, in 2011 she was awarded the National Development Scholarship and the Cambridge Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, to pursue the Masters of Law.

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