COVID-19 update and press conference – February 4, 2021. (PMO)

Attorney General Dale Marshall has announced that an additional four minimarts will be open during the “national pause” to make it easier for Barbadians to shop in areas not easily accessible by a supermarket.

However, he has warned proprietors and businesses who run afoul of established protocols that the exemptions would be revoked.

The Attorney General told the nation during a live COVID-19 update and press conference that the updated list would be available this weekend and would replace the one that was widely circulated last Sunday.

Mr. Marshall disclosed: “The occasion has arisen based on further consultation and strong representation that there are a number of rural areas that are not easily satisfied by shopping facilities nearby. We have, therefore, added an additional four minimarts to complement those that have been brought in by way of exemption.”

He continued: “Let me make it clear that If any of those entities run afoul of the established protocols, we will not hesitate to revoke the exemptions, plain and simple. That doesn’t just apply to minimarts, it applies to companies that we allow to do business of any kind. If you breach the protocols, rest assured that we are going to revoke any of the exemptions that you may have.”

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