The Ministry of Health???s Vector Control Unit will target districts in four parishes next week as part of its fogging programme.

They will begin in St. Michael and Christ Church on Monday, November 25, where they will carry out fogging in areas along Highway 7 ??? from Bridgetown to Oistins.

A number of districts in St. Peter will be targetted by the Unit on Tuesday, November 26. They are: Gays, Mount Nos. 1 and 2, Castle Tenantry, Lower Castle, Diamond Corner, Station Hill, Church Hill Road, Church Hill Development, Tom Bend Road, Ashton Hall, Mile-and-a-Quarter, Clarkes Road, Corbin Road, Reservoir Road and the environs.

The team will turn its attention to St. James on Wednesday, November 27, but will return to Christ Church where it will fog Waterhall Terrace, St. Silas, St. Silas Heights, Waterhall Road, Westmoreland, Lancaster, Enterprise Coast Road, Atlantic Shores, Lighthouse Drive, Enterprise Gardens and the surrounding areas.

Fogging will continue on Thursday, November 28, when the Unit revisits St. Michael. This time they will focus on Monroe Road, Haynes Hill, Pasture Road, Cutting Road, Haggatt Hall Development, Roberts Road, Haggatt Hall, Collymore Rock, Pine North South Road, Pine Gardens, Pine Plantation Road, Pine Hill Road, Government Hill, Pine Road and neighbouring districts.

The fogging schedule for the week will conclude on Friday, November 29, in St. James in the following areas: West Terrace Heights, Oxnards, Haynesville, Holders Terrace, Bamboo Ridge, Dairy Meadows, Kings Village, Durants Village, Holders Hill and the environs.

The Ministry of Health???s fogging programme runs from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments are reminded that they should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should desist from running behind the fogging vehicle.

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