The Ministry of Health???s Vector Control Unit will continue its mosquito eradication efforts in four parishes next week.

The team will start in Christ Church and St. Philip on Monday, October 21, where they will fog Chancery Lane, Seaview, Almond Row, Inch Marlow, Fairy Valley, Eastbourne Nos. 1, 2 and 3, Harmony Hall, Shrewsbury, Castle Heights and surrounding areas.

On Tuesday, October 22, they will continue fogging operations in Christ Church in the following areas: Lower Carters Gap, Enterprise, Rollins Road, Goodland Gardens, Bournes Land, Silver Sands, St. Christopher, Round Rock, Ealing Park South and the environs.

The fogging team will return to Christ Church on Wednesday, October 23, but will also visit a number of St. Michael districts on that day. In Christ Church, the areas to be fogged include Newton Terrace, Ashby Land, Lodge Road, Durants, Evergreen Road, and Sealy Land. In St. Michael, the districts to be targeted are Mahogany Lane, Sobers Lane, Lightfoot Lane, Green Park Lane, Chapman Street, Hunte Street, King Street, White Park Road, Passage Road and Baxters Road.

The team will return to St. Michael on Thursday, October 24, and fog Bank Hall, Dash Gap, Kew Road, Bush Hall, Industry Road, Bush Hall Yard Gap, Perfection Road, Spooner???s Hill, Eagle Hall and surrounding areas.

Fogging operations for the week will conclude on Friday, October 25, in St. James, in Paradise Heights, Walmer Lodge, Crusher Site Road, Prospect, Fitts Village, Risk Road, Appleby Gardens, Clarke???s Road, Derricks, Chapel Road and environs.

The Ministry of Health???s fogging programme runs from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments are reminded that they should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should be prevented from running behind the fogging vehicle.

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