The Vector Control Unit will visit four parishes next week as part of its fogging programme.

On Monday, August 19, the team will target the following areas in St. Philip: Parish Land, Vineyard, Bushy Park, Padmore Village, Dodds, Cliff Dan, Web Hill, Church Village, Cox Hill, Chapel Land, Breezy Hill and the environs.

They will move on to Christ Church on Tuesday, August 20, where they will focus on Newton Terrace, Ashby Land, Lodge Road, Durants, Church Hill, Thornbury Hill, Callenders, Providence and surrounding districts.

The next day, Wednesday, August 21, a number of areas in St. Thomas will be fogged. They are: Rock Hall, Fryer Hill, Content, Porey Spring, Dunscombe, Farmers, White Hall Terrace and neighbouring districts.

The Unit will turn its attention to St. Michael on Thursday, August 22, when they carry out fogging operations in Princess Royal Avenue, Collymore Rock, Wildey Road, Wildey Heights, Wildey Gardens, East Terrace, Parkinson Field, Rock Avenue, Field Road, Bottom Close, Factory Avenue, North Wildey and the environs.

The team will return to that parish on Friday, August 23, and conclude its fogging operations for the week by targetting Bush Hall Yard Gap, Spooner???s Hill, Perfection Road, Accommodation Road, Tudor Bridge, Kew Road, Waterhall Land, Eagle Hall, Bank Hall, Dash Gap, Quarry Road, Bush Hall and surrounding areas.

The fogging programme runs from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day. Persons with respiratory ailments should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while children should desist from running behind the fogging vehicle.

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