Students at all levels of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will now have?? the opportunity to study and revise over 1,000 Conquer Maths lessons, free of cost, during the next two weeks, beginning this Wednesday, May 15.

An online group, Multimedia Learners, in an effort to bring about better results in the area of Mathematics, will offer this service to assist students taking internal or external examinations.

To access the special two-week free offer, interested parents or students may register at http://www.multimedialearners.com/ between May 15 and May 22. They should include their name, school/institution, email address??and contact numbers.??A password will be issued to parents/students and they will be able to start using the lessons immediately.

Senior Teacher at the St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School and Chief Executive Officer of Multi-media Learners, Winston Cumberbatch said: "Mathematics continues to be a great challenge at all levels in our educational system. Results from CXC and the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination, clearly emphasise that students have issues with aspects of this particular subject.

"We hope that??this??free offer will help make the difference between a failure and a pass for students who need that extra help with a??challenging??topic or area in the upcoming promotion and CXC??exams."

At the launch of ConquerMaths Caribbean in 2011,??Chief Education Officer, Laurie King, in commending ConquerMaths and its attributes to parents, students and teachers, said it promoted "the mastering of a range of mathematical skills which offered fun-filled practical exercises, covering most topics".??

He deemed this "a unique feature of the multi-media package" and told parents they could feel satisfied "that by accessing ConquerMaths their children would be revising and practising a large portion of their Maths syllabus."??

For further information on the free two-week maths programme, persons may contact Multimedia Learners at 438-3117, 241-2083, 269-4504 and 828-0873.


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