In response to an upsurge in Leptospirosis cases, the Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health will, this Saturday, November 24, deploy Environmental Health Officers to five locations across St. James and St. Thomas, to distribute rodent bait, free of charge, to the public.

Between 9:00 a.m. and noon, officers will be posted at Lester Vaughn Secondary, in Cane Garden, St. Thomas, and persons from the surrounding areas, including Jackson, Cane Garden and Plantain Avenue are invited to visit and collect bait, as well as learn about its correct use and other rodent control methods.

Officers will also be dispatched to Queen’s College, Husbands, St. James, to cater to residents of Clearview Heights, Clermont Park, Warrens Park and the environs, while persons who live or work in Melrose, Arthur’s Seat and Edgehill may visit TJ’s Wholesale in St. Thomas.??

Householders of Haynesville, Thorpes and Hoytes Village may visit Avis Pharmacy in Thorpes and residents of Welches Heights and Redman’s Village may collect bait from Welches Variety in St. Thomas.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry is reminding individuals that free rodent bait is still available from the Vector Control Unit, located at Jemmott’s Lane in St. Michael.??


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