In an effort to address queries about its role in telecommunications regulations, the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) has issued a statement with regard to recent increases in the cost of ADSL services.

??The statement explained that the FTC "regulates and approves the rates of some of LIME/Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited services including residential and business landlines, international telephone calls, calling cards and payphone services. The Commission does not regulate the rates that LIME charges for ADSL, internet services or mobile retail services."

Further to this, the document stated that "The Commission does not determine which services are regulated. This function falls to the Minister responsible for Telecommunications. Statutory Instrument No.5 of 2006 sets out the list of services to be regulated. This list does not include ADSL, internet service or cell phone service. So, the prices of these services may be modified without seeking the approval of either the Commission or the Ministry."

Persons with additional queries may contact the FTC at 424-0260 or visit their website,

Author: Fair Trading Commission/Nekaelia Hutchinson

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