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The Fair Trading Commission has concluded its investigation into the nationwide electricity outages of November 18 and 19, 2019, and completed its Findings Report on the factors which contributed to the events.

The Findings Report contains the Commission’s assessment of the circumstances and cause of the outages based on its review of all information submitted to it by the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) (some of which was submitted as recently as September 2020) and its own investigation and analysis.

 In accordance with Section 30 of the Fair Trading Commission Act, CAP. 326B, the Findings Report was issued to the BL&P on Wednesday, November 18, and the BL&P has been given 14 calendar days to respond. Thereafter, the Commission will issue a summary of the Findings Report to the public. 

Due to the commercially sensitive nature of information contained in the document, the full Findings Report will not be published. 

Following receipt of the BL&P’s comments on the Findings Report and after the issuance of the Findings Report summary to the public, the Commission will determine if enforcement action is warranted.

The Commission’s investigation of this matter was an extensive process which involved the request, submission and comprehensive review of several documents.  The Commission also conducted its own extensive research.

This was critical in ensuring that there was a full understanding of the facts and circumstances to support a thorough technical analysis within the context of legal and regulatory requirements.

For further updates on the Commission’s review of this matter, visit www.ftc.gov.bb or ftcbarbados on Facebook and Instagram.

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