The FTC’s Chief Executive Officer, Peggy Griffith (second left)??posing with??awardees of the recently held essay competition at Accra Beach Hotel.?? In first place is Yannick Boyce of Combermere (second right), 2nd place Emily Wilson of St. Ursula’s (right)??and 3rd place is Hannah Rowe of Harrison College (left).??(A. Miller/BGIS)

More school children are making it their business to educate themselves on the Consumer Protection Act, and based on the high calibre of essays received by the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) as a result of their recently-held essay competition their educational programme seems to be paying off.

Director of the FTC, Judy Maynard made this observation this morning at the Accra Beach Hotel as she addressed the presentation ceremony for the winners, of the competition which targeted public and private secondary school students, between the ages of 13 and 15.

Held under the theme: What is Consumer Protection and How Does It Affect Me, As a Young Consumer? Ms. Maynard stressed the importance of consumer protection and emphasised it was critical that the younger generation were guided and taught their rights and responsibilities.

She said:?? "When you do that [teach them], you are actually giving the child a voice so that it can be heard, at a later date, no matter what the circumstances may be.?? Consumer Protection Laws actually give consumers rights and children as well as adults are consumers; but with those rights come responsibilities.

"If someone purchased something and something went wrong, we would expect them to have a voice … and we would expect them to get the redress that is necessary…And, what we have noticed in the essay competition is that the young people here they know exactly what it is to seek their rights and act responsibly. And, the Commission is very pleased."

The Director also reiterated that it was the FTC’s mission to increase public awareness about consumer rights especially among the youth and they were working steadfastly to ensure that this became a reality.

"I do feel pleased that the mantle of consumerism is being passed on to maybe one of you in the audience or to one of your peers… even though you may not work you still have spending power and that is through your parents," she said.

The winner of the Essay Competition Yannick Boyce of Combermere was awarded an Apple iPad; second place went to Emily Wilson of St. Ursula’s who was awarded a Samsung Tablet; while the third prize went to Hannah Rowe of Harrison College who received a kindle fire.

In addition, the winning school won $500.


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