Barbadians are being urged to participate in this year???s National Senior Games, which have now been dubbed, ???the most exciting National Senior Games to date???.

While speaking at the National Stadium this morning at the media launch of this year???s games, Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steven Blackett promised athletes and spectators alike ???additional entertainment and excitement for all ages???.

He explained: ???Unfortunately, like last year, we will have our challenges with regards to the venue???however, the adjustments that we made and the lessons that we were forced to learn last year are serving us well in creating an even more desirable family atmosphere???.

Mr. Blackett added that there would be ???no lull in enjoyment throughout the day???, in response to suggestions from participants and spectators to include a more ???fun component??? within the day???s activities.

The Minister announced that the games will be held on Whit Monday, May 2, a date he said was deliberately chosen to allow persons from all faiths, denominations, and athletic associations to participate.

Mr. Blackett also highlighted another change in the national event. He explained that athletes would no longer be competing in zones as was done in previous years, but the games were now an open competition, categorised only by age and gender.

However, he said that as customary, the games are open to persons 40 years and older, who are interested in participating in a range of disciplines including Track and Field, Archery, Basketball, Cycling, Dominoes, Netball, Road Tennis, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, as well as the 5K road race.

Mr. Blackett added that his Ministry was also moving to expand this list of events wherever possible, following continuous requests from athletes over the past few years.

Persons interested in competing in the Senior Games may collect registration forms from The National Sports Council, Blenheim, St. Michael; the National Assistance Board, Murrell House, Country Road, St. Michael; and Sports and Games, Corner of James and Roebuck Streets, Bridgetown.

All completed registration forms must be submitted by Monday, April 25, to the Department of Constituency Empowerment, located on the 4th Floor of the Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St. Michael.

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