Although Barbados and China have enjoyed a rich diplomatic relationship for more than three decades, that country???s Ambassador to Barbados, Wang Ke, said there are still many areas to be explored.

She made this observation recently while addressing participants at the Barbados Investment and Development???s Corporation???s Doing Business with China seminar.

It was held in the Bagnall???s Point Gallery, in the Pelican Craft Centre.

The Ambassador said that China???s markets were open, and warmly welcomed Barbadians to pursue more business ventures in her homeland.

???It is in this context and with the aim of enhancing our bilateral and trade cooperation that we invited 13 participants to China from March 5-23. During this visit???there was a visit to cities outside of Beijing where the officials visited enterprises.???

From that visit, the Ambassador said a report was compiled and she was very impressed with the recommendations including adopting a proactive approach to marketing and promoting Barbados??? rum in China, and assigning a trade officer to China.

She also reiterated China???s commitment to hosting future seminars of this nature for Barbadians.

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