Ilaro Court????

The Occupational Therapy Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is expected to benefit from the upcoming Garden Party of the Hope Foundation.

When the annual event comes off on Saturday, April 24, at Ilaro Court, the official residence of Prime Minister David Thompson, the Foundation will be hoping to assist the department with much needed supplies.

The Garden Party will be held under the patronage of Mrs. Mara Thompson, wife of Prime Minister David Thompson, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and will have an added attraction of steel pan.

Tickets for the event can be obtained from the Hope Foundation, located at #24 George Street, Belleville, St. Michael, by contacting the Foundation at 437-8781, or e-mail

The Hope Foundation, was established in 1991 to raise awareness of "lesser known" diseases such as lupus and sickle cell. It also represents arthritic patients, many of whom are expected to benefit from the proceeds of the garden party.

According to President Shelly Weir, the interest in occupational therapy stemmed from the Foundation’s belief that rehabilitation for persons with chronic pain was "absolutely necessary".?? She said: "In this case, patients with arthritis and lupus and their care-givers need to be aware of the advances in occupational therapy.?? We really need to increase the options patients have towards treatment for pain."

Noting that the Foundation considered the event an ongoing project, Ms. Weir added: "We see ourselves as true partners with the Health Ministry. Recognising that Government alone cannot do all, we try to bridge the gap in health care for our clients."

Last year, the Hope Foundation presented approximately $10,000 in equipment to the Physiotherapy Outpatients’ Department of the QEH.??

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