Barbadians will, this week have the opportunity to experience the best in photography, as seen through the eyes of students of the Garrison Secondary School.

The opportunity comes in the form of a photographic exhibition to be held at the George Washington House, June 14 to 18 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., under the theme: "Making Images".

The exhibition, a collaborative effort between the school, the Government’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) among other partners which has adopted it, will feature still shots taken by members of ???Film Garrison’, the school’s photography Club, under the direction of teacher Cheryl Williams.

???Film Garrison’ seeks to provide an alternative means of expression for teenagers using video and still photography. The programme is open to students from ages 11 to 18, and provides varying experiences for its members while instilling the basics of film and video photography.

The exhibition’s theme is based on a quotation from American nature photographer, Ansel Adams, who intimated that a photographer does not take pictures but makes images.

??The EPD, which has provided support and sponsorship to the event as part of its Environment Month outreach, will also sponsor a prize for the Best Environmental photograph on display.??

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