Barbadian consumers will be paying less for gas, diesel and kerosene, but slightly more for Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Effective midnight, Sunday, December 9, the retail price of gasoline, will decrease from BDS $ 3.50 to BDS $ 3.30 per litre; diesel will move from BDS $ 2.98 to BDS $ 2.87 per litre, and kerosene, which was retailed at BDS $1.94 per litre will go to BDS $1.86 per litre. This means that consumers will be paying 20 cents less for gas, 11 cents less for diesel and eight cents less for kerosene.??

However, the retail price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will increase. Instead of paying BDS $177.48 for a 100 lb cylinder, Barbadians will now be paying BDS $178.83. The 25 lb cylinder, which was priced at BDS $49.47 will now cost BDS $49. 81, while the 20 lb cylinder will be retailed at $40 for the 20 lb cylinder- up from $39.73. This amounts to increases of $1.35 per 100 lb cylinder, 34 cents per 25 lb cylinder, and 27 cents for the 20 lb cylinder.


Author: Energy Division/ Cathy Lashley

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