Another group of private and public sector employees will soon be sensitised to gender issues when the Bureau of Gender Affairs sponsors two workshops.

Participants will undergo the Gender Awareness training on November 19 and 20, and on completion, they will attend the Gender Analysis Workshop on December 3 and 4. The sessions will be held at the ACR Business Solutions Inc., Harbour Road, St. Michael.

Persons interested in attending the classes should immediately contact the Bureau at 310-2105.
The course participants will learn the social construction of gender, the implications of sex and gender stereotyping and they will be able to identify barriers men and women face as they attempt to perform their multiple roles.

Gender analysis training wishes the process by which policy is formulated and the extent to which these methods determine the achievement of national development goals.  It is also designed to show the importance of incorporating gender into development policies, and how to develop strategies that empower policy makers to incorporate gender in national policies, plans and projects.

The Bureau of Gender Affairs is government’s key focal point for the implementation and monitoring of policies and programmes pertaining to gender and development. Most international agencies are demanding that governments pay special attention to gender equity and equality, especially since they realise that there can be no real sustainable development without gender equality.

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