Satellite Communications Online Course Soon

The Division of Economic Affairs is advising members of the public that they may now apply for the short-term OAS Professional Development Course Core Skills for Satellite Communications Deployments.

It will be taught online from Tuesday, August 12, to Friday, November 14, 2014.

The deadline for the applications, which must be forwarded to the Division of Economic Affairs, is Friday, July 25.

For additional information on the course, the public should call Rhea Clarke-Mason at 310-1323, or email

The course is designed to help participants understand why an improper installation can cause interference to the satellite. They will look at a number of technical matters, including how to assemble and decommission a VSAT, and attach the connector to the cable.

Those applying for the short-term training must be citizens or permanent residents of an OAS member state; be public or private sector field VSAT engineers; or other professionals with at least a basic knowledge of VSAT systems.

Persons who were awarded an OAS Professional Development Scholarship during the past 12 months, or who currently hold an OAS Scholarship for Academic Studies, are not eligible to apply.

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