Celebrated author, George Lamming, admires the outfits of these pupils at the African Heritage Day event. (A. Miller/BGIS)??

Today’s celebration of African Heritage Day at the George Lamming Primary School was a special moment for students.

They had the honour of being in the company of celebrated author, George Lamming, the man after whom their school at Flint Hall, St. Michael was named on January 23, 2009.

A regular visitor to the school during this celebration, he was well-received by the students, teachers and guests.

Students marked the Day with a programme with the assistance of the Pan-African Commission. Similarities between Africa and the Caribbean were explored by Sandra Ochieng Springer, Ekiyor and Reverend Solomon Odoom and the featured speaker, Dr. John Mwansa, Manager of Engineering at the Barbados Water Authority.

Dr. Mwansa reminded students of their African origins, outlining the similarities between Zambia and Barbados. He noted that the warmth exhibited in Barbados was in no way different from Zambia. Children were also shown artefacts made of copper and wood, depicting African emblems and pictures and were told that food such as cou-cou and the game warri highlighted that connection with Africa.

The occasion also saw performances by BoBo (Damian Bowen) and the Pinelands Creative Workshop that were enhanced by the beautiful African garb modelled by students.

Coordinator and teacher Deborah Harper, in reviewing the day, said, "it was a resounding success with the children enthusiastic about learning more about their African heritage."


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