The 2014 Getting Everyone To Understand Productivity (GET UP) Programme has been described as ???a tremendous success??? by the Head of Training and Development at The Productivity Council, Shawn Callender.

According to Mr. Callender, about 2,000 persons – from entry level positions to senior management ??? underwent training in productivity, and they went away eager to put into practice what they had learnt.

Mr. Callender continued: ???The response we received from the participants was great. Many of them said they now understood what productivity is, and they appreciated the importance of being productive on the job. They even said that when they returned to their jobs they would try to implement what they had learnt.

???Some of the managers identified areas in which they could improve, namely recognising and rewarding their employees for good work; praising them more; and being more supportive of their efforts. Once these things are done, we can expect that productivity should improve in the coming months and years.???

Some of the organisations which participated in the GET UP initiative were Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd., Massy Stores, the St. Philip District Hospital, Dollar Wise Inc., CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Chefette Restaurants Ltd., Rayside Construction Ltd., and the Data Processing Department.

He explained that productivity best practices were shared during the sessions and some of the topics examined were absenteeism, presenteeism, team building, communication, and recognising and rewarding employees for good work.

Underscoring the importance of productivity, Mr. Callender pointed out that Government had identified it as one of the pillars of development. ???We know Barbados needs to improve [its productivity] in order to generate the foreign exchange necessary to sustain our standard of living,??? he said.

He pointed out that The Productivity Council was working to break down the misconceptions associated with productivity, and he urged those who had participated in the training sessions to continue applying what they were taught.

Another GET UP Programme will start early next year, and Mr. Callender has encouraged organisations across the island to register their staff and managers. ???We can guarantee that once you leave these sessions and implement what you have been exposed to, productivity in your area should improve,??? he stressed.

Those interested in attending the training should call The Productivity Council at 626-9416 to register.

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