Barbadians can still sign up for The Productivity Council???s Getting Everyone To Understand Programme (GET UP), which will start next Tuesday, February 17.

The half-day workshops will be held every Tuesday until March 24, at the Council???s Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael, headquarters.

Employees of public and private sector organisations and members of the public may register now for the sessions by calling Roseann Morris at the Council at 626-9416.

Participants will be exposed to Productivity Awareness, Service Excellence, Communication, Work Ethics and Teamwork, among other areas.

These sessions are geared towards reinforcing the urgency with which all employees, employers and stakeholders need to approach their personal and professional productivity, particularly in light of the current economic challenges.

Officials at the Council have reported positive responses from those who have participated in the programme, with employers commenting that they have seen some improvement in the performance of their employees since they attended the training.

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