Chief Information Officer, Jacqui Wiltshire (sitting) listens to a child following the presentation of books and puzzles to him on the Paediatric Ward of the QEH. Looking on is Health Sister, Joyce Lewis.

Children on the Paediatric Ward, at C7/C8, of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), got the attention of the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) today when it launched its community outreach programme.

Staff of the BGIS took time out to bring cheer to that ward as they presented toys, games, books, puzzles, prams and told stories to the little ones who were also fascinated by ‘Annie the Clown’.

Chief Information Officer, Jacqui Wiltshire said the event was not a “one-off gesture” noting that the BGIS was aiming in its unique way to make a difference and would whenever possible, “try to fill the needs of our children, wherever that need is”.

She spoke also about her staff’s enthusiasm to ensure the items were of the right range and appeal to all ages.  She disclosed, “Even when we were putting them together and preparing them, that meant something special to us.”

Ms. Wiltshire expressed the hope that the gifts would not only “fill their [the children’s] days as they heal, but they would also stimulate their minds. “And,” she added, “every item here comes wrapped in love and the best wishes for the kids to get better. We hope they would bring much joy, many smiles and much comfort to the kids who are ill here.”

Consultant Paediatrician, Dr. Angela Jennings extended a “heartfelt thanks” to the BGIS for the “generous contribution” to the paediatric department and said, “We always applaud people who gave of their time, effort and money to help us as we continue in our fight for the children of this country, because we feel that what we do here is a very important job.”

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