Fourth and fifth form students of Coleridge & Parry School and Grantley Adams Memorial School stand to benefit from a presentation on Professional Conduct and Workplace Standards on Thursday, November 3, and Friday, November 11, at the each school respectively.??

The presentation, which will be delivered by staff of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s GIVE programme, targets students who will soon enter the world of work.?? GIVE is an outreach programme designed to sensitise and educate persons on expected workplace standards, as well as equip students with characteristics to make them more competitive and productive in the business environment.??

GIVE is an acronym for Great attitude, Initiative, Values, and Excellence and according to Programme Coordinator, Cheryl Grogan, "The aim is to impart these qualities on the students.?? GIVE focuses on professional conduct through the areas of attitude, attendance, absenteeism, honesty, dress and appearance, performance, communication and customer service."??

Adding that the presentation emphasised the importance of the five ???Ps’: punctuality, pleasant personality, protection of property, positive attitude and perfect attendance, the GIVE Programme Coordinator stated that the Ministry of Labour has embarked on several activities to improve employer and employee attitudes as well as to promote appropriate behaviour in the workplace.?? She explained that while the GIVE programme was initially designed for adults, "we realised this should be extended to school children as many were actually preparing to enter the workforce."

"We made the decision to concentrate on secondary school students since they are closer to the world of work."?? Expounding on the GIVE Programme, Ms. Grogan stated that in 2010 approximately 10 secondary schools were visited, while this year they have delivered the presentation at the Alma Parris Memorial Secondary School and the Deighton Griffith Secondary School.

Adding that the presentation takes the form of a humourous skit, The GIVE Programme Coordinator stressed that this format was able to get students to pay attention to the messages and mentioned "most teachers appreciate GIVE because we are reinforcing in a creative way what they have been emphasising in class."??

She remarked that while the programme was designed to help students acquire qualities necessary for the world of work, the students were able to implement the lessons learnt now in their daily lives.


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