Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley (right)??receiving the sponsorship cheque??from Executive Director of Goddard Enterprises Ltd., Dr. Ashwell Thomas. Looking on are National Coordinator of the CICS, Curtis Gibbons and Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Celia Toppin. (A. Miller/BGIS)

Goddard Enterprises has come in for high praise from the Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, for its contribution to the annual launch of the Community Independence Celebrations.

Mr. Lashley expressed appreciation for the company’s support after receiving a sponsorship cheque yesterday from Executive Director of Goddard Enterprises Ltd., Dr. Ashwell Thomas. The money will go towards offsetting the costs associated with the launch of the celebrations this Saturday, August 27, starting at 5:30 p.m., at the Jackie Opel Amphitheatre, General Post Office Complex, Cheapside, the City.

The Minister told Dr. Thomas: "We know that without good corporate sponsorship like Goddard [Enterprises] we would not be able to do as much as we are able to do now. ??We look forward to your continued assistance and certainly welcome this tangible gesture for this critical national activity."

Mr. Lashley believes that the programme for Saturday’s launch "will be just as exciting, or perhaps even more [exciting] than last year. We have engaged all of the relevant partners and the various Community Independence Committees have been hard at work. We are looking forward to a successful launch and successful Community Independence celebrations this year," he said.

Dr. Thomas promised that the company would continue to support the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat.?? "We at Goddard Enterprises are very pleased to be associated with the activities that the Secretariat will be launching…?? I cannot say whether the contributions we made this year will be the same next year, but I can assure you that we will be continuing our support in one form or another," he said.

The theme of this year’s celebrations is Passion, Energy, Power: The Pride of Nationhood. It is intended to reflect the essence of what drives the programme at the community level – "passion for what has to be or what is being done, energy which will drive the programme and the feeling of empowerment which is derived from community ownership".

Performers at Saturday’s launch will include Reddy Panners, Haynesville Youth Club, Popsicle, Bobo, and a combined folk chorale.


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