Minister of Housing of Lands, Michael Lashley, (2nd left), touring the Housing Every Last Person (HELP) site at Marchfield, St Philip. He is accompanied by (l-r) Accounts Executive, Rosemary Clarke; Acting Deputy General at the National Housing Corporation (NHC), Garvey Alleyne; Acting General Manager (NHC, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); Lanette Napoleon-Young; Events Coordinator at the National Cultural Foundation, Andre Craig; and Station Sergeant Denis Small of the Royal Barbados Police Force. (Image: A. Miller)

Sunday, March 7, will be a special day for several Barbadian homeowners, when the National Housing Corporation hands over keys to 17 of them at Marchfield, St. Philip, as part of the Housing Every Last Person Programme.

During a site visit on Tuesday, Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, described the upcoming event as a significant occasion and disclosed that Prime Minister, David Thompson, would deliver the feature address at the ceremony.??

"The handing over of keys signifies a reality, rather than a promise. It shows that there is hope in owning a piece of this rock. A mixture of people have qualified for these houses – police officers, general workers, clerical officers and some who work in the private sector, too.?? And, Government?? is committed to ensuring that Barbadians have access to affordable housing and we are therefore moving steadily along with housing projects," Minister Lashley said.??

The Marchfield Project features 30 houses ranging from 536 to 820 square feet. ??It was launched in September of 2008.

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