The Grantley Adams International Airport will benefit from a spanking new fire station, come October next year.

News of this came during a tour of the New Fire Station Project at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA), last Saturday, by officials from the Ministry of International Business and International Transport.

According to Director of Engineering at GAIA Inc., Karen Walkes, the new building will provide an increase in floor space of 5,317 square feet.  She added that among the new features will be “direct access to the runway from the Appliance Bay; training facilities; the provision of separate De-contamination and Breathing Apparatus Rooms; and accommodation of all appliances under cover in an enclosed space with storm shuttering”. 

Ms. Walkes further noted that there will be quicker, direct access to the Appliance Bay from the dormitories in the new facility; a library; records room; Fire Clothes Area; Mechanics’ Service Area and Parts Room; greater floor area and separation between rank officers in the dormitories; better dining and kitchen facilities; a gym area; washroom facilities on all levels and laundry facilities”.

The official also gave an update on the Terminal Roof Eastern Extension Project, and pointed out that “this extension is intended to counter the current negative impact of rainfall, on the processing of passengers in this area, and the safety issue resulting from wet terrazzo floors”. She noted that there are currently no challenges or constraints that would prevent the execution of this project, which is scheduled for completion on March 31, 2009.

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