Coordinator of Pinelands Creative Workshop Rodney Grant, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Maxine McClean and Deputy Coordinator of Caribbean Policy Development Centre, Shantal Munro-Knight during the forum.??(A.Miller/BGIS)

There is a need for Government and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) to establish a structured and transparent agreement when collaborating on projects.

This was the call from Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Maxine McClean. She was speaking today at the Caribbean Policy Development Centre’s (CPDC) forum, entitled ???Creating Sustainable Partnerships With Civil Society in a Time of Economic Crisis’ at the Pan American Health Organisation, Dayrells Road.

Senator McClean stated: "As Government seeks to engage NGO’s it should do so in a manner which is structured and a manner which is transparent. How can government say to people, the population, or the world that they are striving for good governance while at the same time engaging in a partnership with any set of civil society, in a way that is less than transparent?"

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that it was essential for government and civil society to work together especially during the current economic crisis, as Barbados was neither "isolated or insolated" from the impact of the world economy.

Senator McClean also called on Government and NGO’s to enlist the help of Barbadians throughout the world.

"There are Barbadians in the Diaspora who have, over the years, indicated their interest in participating in the development of this country.?? Barbadians all over the world continue to make contributions to Barbados, and many of them are always willing to partner with companies here but are unaware of to how to do so," she added.

The Foreign Affairs Ministers indicated that the CPDC’s forum was an important vehicle to determine the way forward.

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