Government is now at the ???forefront of technology innovation??? in the Caribbean.

This view was expressed today by General Manager of Digicel Business, Martin Keogh, as he delivered brief remarks at the signing of the Wide Area Network (WAN) agreement between that company and Government, at the E. Humphrey Walcott Building.

According to Mr. Keogh, Digicel???s objective was to exceed the specifications sought by Government in the tender process for the 32 sites identified.

???In so doing, Digicel Business elevated the Government network infrastructure to not only the highest international standards but most definitely the highest specification implementation ever deployed on the island of Barbados,??? he remarked.

He noted that the overall installation was designed by a team of experts and had the capacity to cater for the inclusion of every single Government building and employee. He pointed out that the specification was of such a high standard that it was now regarded as Cisco???s most advanced and powerful network deployed anywhere in the Caribbean.

The new network, he said, seamlessly delivered Wide Area Networking, IP Telephony, High Speed Internet and email and supported every business application run by each Government ministry.

He added that Government would see much needed savings in the current economic climate. ???But the benefits run wider than cost savings alone. The operating efficiency means every Government body connected to the Wide Area Network can transmit data up to 100 times faster than before.

???This can now be done confidently over a fully redundant, reliable and secure network guaranteed to provide the highest level of availability. The Government has seized the initiative and is now procuring as one-Government and stands to gain substantial financial savings. Prior to this process, every Government ministry, agency and department purchased services as stand-alone entities,??? Mr. Keogh disclosed.

He pointed out that 10 new high tech jobs had been created at Digicel and another 10 would be added later. He further disclosed that Digicel Business would shortly issue a national advertising campaign for additional Barbadians to join its team.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Government and Digicel was signed last June, and 30 of the 32 sites identified have already been connected to the network.

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