There is a promise from Government to provide the enabling environment to allow businesses to develop strong productive sectors by offering world-class products to overseas markets.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Patrick Todd, gave this undertaking today, while addressing the re-launch of the factory tours at the West India Biscuit Company (WIBISCO), as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations.?? It was held at the factory’s Gills Road, St. Michael, headquarters.

Emphasising that government would continue to enforce a series of parallel initiatives at the macro level to assist large businesses such as WIBISCO to strive, he also disclosed measures to assist the small and medium-sized sectors (SMEs).

"…. Efforts are ongoing at the national level to create a dynamic SME sector, enhance the sector’s capabilities and competitiveness and create meaningful jobs, through renewed entrepreneurial efforts within the sector," Mr. Todd explained.

The Minister of State also called for the development of an innovative entrepreneurial culture – a move that should enhance the island’s prosperity and competitiveness.??????

"Knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship must remain the building blocks for our future.?? We must use the ambition to work harder, to innovate and to excel at developing an entrepreneurial culture that is as resilient as our people are in challenging times.?? So, we must, therefore, remain cognisant of the fact that new challenges create ideas that can lead to the development of new businesses which are dynamic," he opined.??

Mr. Todd lauded WIBISCO for re-engineering its operations to "weather the external shocks that may be presented as a result of the ongoing global economic crisis".

"… Government continues to stress the importance of organisations becoming more focused, creative and effective in their business operation and delivery of service.?? Such initiatives, in my view, will reposition our economy to benefit from any opportunities that may be present when the world emerges from the recession," he surmised.??

At the end of the official opening ceremony, Minister Todd, along with campers from Quality Control’s Compu Camp, were taken on a guided tour of the factory by WIBISCO officials.

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