Government remains committed and dedicated to providing quality care for the elderly in Barbados.

This was reaffirmed today by Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steven Blackett, as he addressed the opening ceremony of the Jorris Dunner Elderly Day Care Centre, located in The Pine, St. Michael.

Mr. Blackett said that for some time, Government and the National Assistance Board have been pursuing the idea of providing a day care facility geared towards the elderly.

He said that he believed that the activities and programmes offered by the centre could enhance the quality of life for the elderly.??

???One advantage of incorporating adult day care into the Ministry???s activities is that it provides a planned, structured and supervised programme of activities designed to promote well-being through social and health-related services.

???Coupled with this, day care promotes social contact, enabling seniors to socialise; become more alert; develop a sense of camaraderie; and reminisce with others, including their contemporaries, while simultaneously accessing the needed care services,??? he highlighted.

The Social Care Minister was also of the view that centres like the Jorris Dunner could give the elderly the opportunity to interact with their peers in a safe and secure environment.

???Much focus is placed on enriching the participants??? lives, building upon their skills, knowledge, unique abilities and strengths. In this context, they will be able to participate in activities such as art and craft; musical entertainment, poetry and writing; mental stimulation games such as chess, dominoes and checkers; stretching or other gentle exercises; discussion on books, films or current events; holiday and birthday celebrations and going on picnics and educational tours,??? he explained.

The Jorris Dunner Elderly Day Care Centre was established in 1972 as the Golden Rock Senior Citizens??? Home. On March 24, 2001, it was renamed the Jorris Dunner Senior Citizens??? Home to recognise the contributions and volunteerism by the now late Mr. Jorris Dunner. After its closure in 2009, the National Assistance Board was mandated in 2010 to reopen the facility as a day care centre for the elderly.

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