Prime Minister Frendel Stuart and other officials and staff of Automotive Art??touring one of the service bays at the new Automotive Art retail store at Welches, St. Thomas.??

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, has reiterated Government’s commitment to providing the enabling framework to improve the business climate across Barbados.

He gave this undertaking to the sector recently, while addressing the official opening of Automotive Art’s ultra-modern 14,000 square foot retail store at Welches, St. Thomas.

Mr. Stuart lauded the founders of Automotive Art for their sound business acumen and he urged more Barbadians to see entrepreneurship as a viable venture.

"Government is actively encouraging more Barbadians to heed the call to entrepreneurship.?? While not all persons can assume the same level of risks, we can each pursue our very best and offer the very best to employees, clients and customers alike.?? Automotive Art is a clear example that it is possible for Barbados to compete globally with world-class output and high quality service," he surmised.??

The Prime Minister also pledged to maintain the provision of a high quality education for its citizens. "We will continue to ensure that development of our human resources at each level of education and training is sustained.?? We will also make available to all the opportunity to acquire new competencies to improve productivity and generate wealth."

He credited Dereck Foster and Hugh Blades for believing in their vision and ability to expand across this hemisphere in the midst of increasing competition, as testament to an enduring product and a satisfied customer base.

"This company, which began its operations I am told at Tweedside Road, St. Michael, has not only moved location, but more importantly, has expanded its reach, within and outside Barbados, to bring a comprehensive range of services to clients at strategic locations.

"When we take a close look at Automotive Art, we see a company which had identified a growing niche market, not only in Barbados, but beyond, and has responded to the needs and requirements of that market in which motor vehicle ownership has expanded exponentially since 1990," he noted.

The Prime Minister said Automotive Art was not only a trophy of local entrepreneurial success, but a symbol of the region’s potential for integration and corporate expansion.??

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