Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Development, Charles Griffith (second from left) and Attorney General, Dale Marshall (right), unveil the plaque to officially open the Hill Crest Community Centre at Bathsheba in St. Joseph on Thursday. Looking on is Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is promising residents living in rural Barbados adequate amenities and facilities that would transform their communities to vibrant spaces of abode.  

She gave the undertaking on Thursday as she addressed residents of St. Joseph and other specially invited guests attending the official opening of Hill Crest Community Centre and Beachmont Park in Bathsheba.

Ms. Mottley told attendees that her government was committed to bringing back   services to the people where they lived, instead of “trekking” to Bridgetown to do their business or to “enjoy themselves”

She shared that an enhanced road network, a new housing project and a world-class skating ring, were among the improvements on the cards for St. Joseph.

Ms. Mottley added: “And I can say with comfort and confidence…this is now the second facility that I’ve opened in St. Joseph, in the last year. The St. Joseph Outpatients Clinic was as derelict as the community centre that was being replaced here today and it all told a story when combined with the declining population numbers of residents in St. Joseph, St. Andrew, St. John, parts of eastern St. Lucy and St. Peter, that we have, for too long, forgotten that people lived on this side of the island; people paid taxes and people were deserving of services that are of the highest calibre in this country.”

The Prime Minister added that she was proud to lead a government of representatives and ministers that have understood the importance of providing services and amenities for residents.

“…Whether it is in the form of health care, community development and sports, housing, roads, beautification, [and] soon to be, I hope, a gullies project… Regardless of what it is, we have come to say that we must bring to the people where the people live, the opportunities for community renewal and parish renewal within the Scotland district,” Ms. Mottley underlined.

The Prime Minister stressed that her government, despite battling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis in Russia/Ukraine, was committed to “big things and small things”.

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