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The Government Electrical Department is the latest Government agency to give its customers the option of online application and payments.

The department is now offering licensed electricians the opportunity to apply and pay for electrical inspection online through the Government EZpay+ payment platform.

Electricians need only to register and log in to access the facility. The EZpay+ payment platform currently facilitates payments of over 17 types of licenses or fees, including the TAMIS suite of payments, as well as new offerings from the Digital Infrastructure Section, formally known as the Telecommunications Unit.

The full list of taxes, fees, or licenses which can be paid on Ezpay+ are:

  • Land Tax
  • Official Gazette subscription fees
  • Placement of advertisements in the Official Gazette
  • Telecommunication license fees, such as Domain Name, Special Spectrum, Radio spectrum, Citizen Bands and Amateur Radio license payments
  • Applications for a Police Certificate of Character
  • Monthly payments of National Insurance Contributions by employers
  • Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) registration payments
  • Applications for Electrical Installations Inspections 
  • International Business application fees
  • Payment of Civil Aviation licence fees by pilots
  • Renewal of Driving licences
  • TAMIS payments
  • Payment for Official Searches from the Office of Insolvency
  • Payments to The St. Michael School by parents
  • Payment of Medical Cannabis licence fees
  • Payment of license fees by both doctors and nurses

Persons wishing to view how to register on EZpay+ may click here for the video tutorial.

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