In its latest efforts to lead by example and illustrate that the power of solar goes beyond water heaters, Government has signed off on a greening initiative which will see the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of government-owned buildings.

The project, which will result in significant financial savings, was made official yesterday during a signing ceremony between the Division of Energy and Telecommunications and energy provider, Enermax Ltd.

It will see the retrofitting of nine National Conservation Commission facilities with 2500 watt peak solar systems. These include: Artisans Workshop at Codrington; Farley Gift Shop Facility; River Bay Beach Facility; Speightstown Esplanade; Bath Beach Facility; Pebbles Beach Facility; Dover Beach Facility; Carlisle Bay Beach Facility; and Three Houses bathroom.

Financed by the Energy Smart Fund, through technical assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank, this project is just one of several which will promote the use of renewable forms of energy.??

Government is also seeking to enact the proposed Electric Light and Power Act, to facilitate the sale of electricity derived from renewable energy sources to the grid.?? Other initiatives include the completion of the new National Sustainable Energy Policy, the implementation of a Public Sector Energy Conservation Programme later this year and an intensive Public Education, Awareness and Capacity Building Programme for the renewable and energy efficiency sector.??


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