Prime Minister, David Thompson, and Permanent Secretary, Keith Franklin, viewing Sam Lord’s Castle during a tour of sites in St. Philip.

Although it has no interest in owning the property, Government will seek to "protect" Sam Lord’s Castle, in St. Philip.??

This was made clear by Prime Minister David Thompson during an interview with the media, after his tour of several projects in that parish on Wednesday.

Mr. Thompson lamented that he had heard some "some strange comments from persons who profess to be Barbadian, which give the impression that a government which seeks to protect a building of historic interest and the patrimony of this country is making an error".

He stressed, however, that government was interested in seeing Sam Lord’s Castle develop in the interest of Barbados and would therefore undertake joint venture arrangements, some of which had already been planned.

"There was intended on that site a tourism development, which would have been a significant broadening of the product that Barbados offers, and also in an area where it is critical for us to provide jobs and to have new infrastructure, and we are determined to see that particular project, or one like it, proceed," he explained.????

The Prime Minister gave the assurance that as soon as the analysis of what would be done with the property had been completed, government would "work with other persons to ensure that it is developed".

"A lot has been designed there already, as I understand it from the private sector owners that were there before. Again, we don’t want to have to use significant taxpayers’ resources, except in facilitating some kind of joint venture arrangement or, alternatively, a full private sector arrangement that protects the interest of Barbadians and delivers on what we want," Mr. Thompson noted.

In addition to protection of the castle, he mentioned mixed use and other tourism development as among the options that were being explored.????

In addition to Sam Lord’s Castle, the Prime Minister also visited District ???C’ Police Station, Bushy Park, The Home Agricultural Station, and neighbouring roadworks, the residential area at Marchfield, and road construction at Cox Hill and Hamblin Road.

He was also accompanied by Ministers Michael Lashley, Dr. David Estwick, John Boyce and Haynesley Benn; Member of Parliament, Adriel Brathwaite and several other government officials.

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