Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for??Telecommunications,??Sen. Darcy Boyce??(FP)??

"Current efforts by the Barbados Entrepreneurial Foundation to get Barbados to a position of free island-wide Wi-Fi are laudable".

These comments have come from Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Energy and Telecommunications, Immigration and Invest Barbados, Senator Darcy Boyce.?? He was speaking at the Opening of the Digicel/Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry Seminar on Information and Communication Technology ICTs, today at the Hilton Barbados.

Senator Boyce stated that discussions had taken place between the Telecommunications Division and promoters of the free island-wide Wi-Fi initiative in order to provide the support needed for this venture.

"The Division has to concern itself with matters such as interference, the licensing of businesses with Wi-Fi systems, the rights of persons with commercial licences to provide services to the public and the general good order of the environment within which wireless communications are conducted in the country," he added.

The Telecommunications Minister disclosed that the Chief Telecommunications Officer had set up a task force within the department on the initiative.?? He noted that the department plans to work with promoters to "ensure that rollout of the project does not compromise the quality of the telecommunications services available here or trespass on any rights that exist; or lead to unnecessary or undesirable exposure of participants in the initiative."


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