The cries of scores of farmers who sustained heavy losses when their yields were destroyed following the passage of Tropical Storm Tomas last month, has received a sympathetic ear from Government.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, lamented the loss of crops, during a press conference at Government Headquarters last Friday, to update the nation on Government’s response after Tomas.??

He noted: "This administration is deeply sympathetic to the agricultural sector in these circumstances.?? This is one of our productive sectors and our accent on food security is sufficiently strong that when it is adversely affected by systems of this kind, Government has to step in and respond."

Mr. Stuart revealed that information was still being gathered but conceded that assessing agricultural loss was not that ???straight forward’.?? "If you are likely to get under evaluations or over evaluations in any area, it is likely to be the agricultural sector.?? So work is being done in that area and we hope to report to you on that as well.?? But certainly, the Government is committed to assisting.

More than 1 000 homes were damaged and several crops destroyed when the storm passed across the island in the early hours of Saturday, October 30.??

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