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The Ministry of Housing, Lands and Maintenance yesterday begun the process of relocating residents from the illegal community in Rock Hall, St. Philip, starting with the removal of the structures of those residents who have already been re-sited.

Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance, Dwight Sutherland, who was on site at the Rock Hall location on Monday, maintained that no one was being disadvantaged and that the government was doing right by the residents. 

“We are looking out for every single person who lives on this property. They’re situated on a dump! They’re situated on a dump which presents environmental and health concerns. We have something called methane gas…. Methane gas is a very reactive gas and can lead to fires, then we have some smells from the bio degradation of materials from landfills that putrefy all the environment,” Minister Sutherland stated.

He noted that there were also issues relating to aviation regulations, as the Grantley Adams International Airport was a few miles east of the site.

Mr. Sutherland highlighted that over 253 structures would have to be removed from the site, residents would be relocated to sites such as Leadvale, Concordia Gardens, Parish Land Extension, Cliffden and Carpenter’s Glade, which have already been earmarked for the relocation. 

He confirmed that to date, seven persons were relocated to Carpenters Glade, St. Philip. Kemsham Wilkinson, a former resident of the Rock Hall Community stated: “I’m happy with where I am right now so I come to witness the demolition of the house that put me somewhere better, so that’s why I am here. I am proud of it. Since December, I was in Carpenter’s Glade, Parish Land, St Philip. It has two bedrooms and is very comfortable and peaceful.”


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