Government will intensify its marketing efforts in key traditional tourism markets, as well as new and emerging markets.

This assurance came over the weekend from Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner, at the launch of the National Tourism Host Programme (NTHP), at Queen???s Park.

Senator Sandiford-Garner said the intensification of the marketing efforts would be part of the several policies deployed in the marketing and product development areas to promote the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

???It is very important that we strengthen our product development programmes, which are geared towards making a significant contribution to the enhancement of competitiveness within the industry. The NTHP is a critical component of product??development, aimed at improving the relationship between our guests and the Barbadian public. It will surely succeed if it is embraced by each and every Barbadian,??? she surmised.

She stressed that Government would optimise the use of its human resources and services, and do everything in its power to conserve and efficiently manage the island???s cultural, built and natural heritage in pursuit of sustainable development.

The Parliamentary Secretary disclosed that the NTHP has been endorsed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the leading international entity in the field of tourism, and she suggested that Barbados was on the right path.

In a message from Director – Executive Secretary for Members Relations and Regional Director for the Americas of the World Tourism Organization, Carlos Vogeler, which was read by Senator Sandiford-Garner, he pointed out that tourism had become one of the leading social, economic and cultural phenomena of our times.

Mr. Vogeler continued: ???In spite of persistent global economic and geopolitical challenges, tourism???s progress shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed, few economic sectors are as strategically positioned as tourism to address the critical challenges of mass unemployment and protracted economic growth ??? by providing jobs and sustainable livelihoods, fostering inclusive development and uplifting millions from poverty.???

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