Plans are in train to reorganise the Ministry of Health???s Technical Management Services Division to address deficiencies in the planning, management and execution of small projects in the health care sector next year.

Word of this has come from Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, who expressed concern about the length of time it took to complete such projects.?? He made these remarks last Friday during the reopening ceremony for the female ward at the St. Lucy District Hospital at Hope Road.Acknowledging that some employees, patients and tax payers were the ones who suffered as a result of this, he added: ???At the end of the day it is the tax payers??? money that is being spent and money does not drop out of the sky.?? So, when renovations take twice the amount of time, it means that the staff, patients and the public are disadvantaged for an extended period of time.???

He further stated: ???That is why I am adamant that physical development projects in the public sector, need to be better managed and better planned, in order to ensure that the state gets better returns on its investment than it has been getting over the years,??????? Mr. Inniss maintained.

The Minister of Health also hinted at a shifting of resources in order to ensure ???greater attention to the financial management and the management of resources.

???The restructuring programme would involve better deployment of staff and an improvement of systems, as it relates to how things are being done and we are presently having discussions with our internal stakeholders.

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