Government will maintain an ???open door policy??? in dealing with the trade union movement and will continue to commit itself to the promotion of the interest of all workers.

This promise came recently from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, as he addressed the Barbados Workers??? Union???s (BWU) May Day Celebrations at Browne???s Beach.

However, Mr. Stuart stressed that the promotion of the interest of workers did not mean that everyone seeking employment would get such, or that the trade unions would receive the level of salary increase requested.

???What it means, though, is that putting heads together, the Government and labour, and we include in this the employers of Barbados, ???we will all work together to ensure that we do not sacrifice the long-term interest of Barbados to the short-term expediencies of the moment,??? he explained.

He insisted that government, labour and employers must put Barbados on a path to ???healthy economic, social and political development??? so that all could benefit from the growth of the country.??During his wide-ranging address, Mr. Stuart said he took no offence whenever the trade unions rose up in defence of the workers.

???That is the responsibility of a trade union and I respect that right. When that right ceases to be respected is when I am ready no longer to be Prime Minister of Barbados. We have fought for that right, fought too hard for it to be sacrificed now on the altar of frivolity or over-sensitiveness or anything of the kind.

???What I like about trade unions in Barbados is that even when we disagree, the trade union movement is not disagreeable and is always aware that when all is said and done, a broad national interest has to take precedence,??? he stated.

He expressed confidence that local trade unions were committed to the balanced development of this country and the interest of all workers, adding that the workers had made a great contribution to the development of this country.

The Prime Minister congratulated the new General Secretary of the BWU, Toni Moore, saying she had shown courage, strength of character and a robust determination.

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