Government is committed to making Barbados??? tourism product more attractive.

So says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart who conveyed this message to a group of repeat visitors at a reception held in their honour last evening at Ilaro Court.

Mr. Stuart told the visitors that Barbados was indebted to them for the contribution which they were making to the island???s development.

???There are so many other places that you could have elected to go, but you have chosen Barbados because of the mixture of features that make up the Barbados product.

???We intend to continue to build on that product and make it ever more attractive, so that you will keep coming and will continue to get others ??? to come and share our hospitality,??? he said.

He noted that he had spoken to several visitors at the reception and they had all stated that the beauty of the island and the warmth of the people had attracted them to these shores.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Barbados has always had strong ties with the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada and had been continuing to build on those relations, while strengthening others.

Mr. Stuart used the comparison of Good Friday being significant to Easter to get over his point about the difficult economic crisis that has been affecting the world over the past seven years.

???Sacrifices have to be made and they are exemplified by the supreme sacrifice of Good Friday. If the appropriate input of sacrifice is made, the time of triumph is bound to come and that time of triumph is exemplified by the victory over the grave, reflected in what we call Easter. And that is the story of the lives of all of us now; that is what the world is going through now.

???After the downturn of the last quarter of 2007, there were huge sacrifices that had to be made, a long Good Friday, but for some countries, Easter has begun to manifest and those countries of course include Barbados.?????We have not got past all of the challenges, but we understand that there can be no Easter without Good Friday,??? he stressed.

During the night, Prime Minister Stuart met John and Elaine Johnson, who were on their 89th visit to the island and the winners of the annual tourism speech competition. There were also presentations from the West Terrace Primary School, including a poem entitled: Freundel Likes Visitors Too.

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