A Government Minister has expressed concern about the apparent rift between the public and private sectors and the ???unnecessary level of distrust and disconnect,??? that seems to exist.

Industry Minister, Donville Inniss, made these comments today at the launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2012 Barbados National Report at the Cave Hill School of Business (CHSOB), Cave Hill, St. Michael.

Stating that ???Our business community and our entrepreneurs in particular need to be appreciated and facilitated by the State in the establishment and operation of their enterprises???, Mr. Inniss added: ???There were still too many complaints of delays, lack of responses, inconsistencies, frustration and little co-operation.???

In light of this, the Minister said that he had no intention of being like ???the proverbial ostrich,??? who pretended that all was well when the opposite was true.

Before an audience that included the Chief Executive/Director of CHSOB, Dr. Jeannine Comma, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the West Indies, Dr. Justin Robinson and Leader of the GEM Caribbean Project, Dr. Rodrigo Valera, Mr. Inniss announced that effective January 1, 2014, a business facilitation unit would be ???on stream??? within his Ministry.

He pointed out that its mandate, as outlined by the Minister of Finance, in the August budget, would be to facilitate better business development in Barbados.

???Whilst, we will not seek to manage the Town and Country Planning Office, Customs, Immigration or any other Government department, we certainly will do our very best to ensure that all state departments and agencies raise the bar in terms of business facilitation in Barbados,??? the Minister said.

In addition, Mr. Inniss acknowledged that his Ministry???s primary focus was on growth in this economy, and this included expanding the private sector, creating jobs, helping young Barbadians achieve their dreams and putting this economy and society on a much more sustainable path.

He further added that this could be achieved through entrepreneurship as he was of the view that ???this country???s growth path must be informed by a deliberate effort to unearth the invaluable talent found within the ranks of our youth and to afford them the opportunity to express those talents in areas that could create a new strategic direction for Barbados.???


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