Barbados is set to become the engine room for the development of local artistes, but they need the support of investors if their product is to reach the international stage.

So says Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, as he addressed a ceremony to launch the music video, Love is Like a Melody, by Jazz artiste, Rosemary Phillips, at The Crane Beach Hotel, St. Philip, last Friday.

Mr. Lashley said that this country possessed much local talent with many persons ???who are doing great things???. He added that part of his mission was to reach out to the international and the local business community and invite investors ???to shift a bit their focus and to demonstrate by their investment in our creative sector that they are keen on being on board???.

He told his audience that his vision was to see Barbados transformed into an international venue for the recording of international films, those that were developed outside as well as in Barbados, but he pointed out that this would require investors.

???… The future is about how you place your investment dollars on these potential actors, actresses, musicians and persons whom I have so much time for in the creative sector and I think if you do that you would be on the road to placing investment dollars in a sound future,??? he noted.

He pointed out that on a global scale, the cultural industries was estimated to earn revenue in the region of $800 billion and, consequently, it was an industry that ???certainly is worthy of our attention???.
Mr. Lashley noted that although some of the traditional sectors had done ???exceedingly well??? over time, because of the dynamics and the interoperability of the cultural industries and its impact on the economy, ???all eyes are on this fast-moving sector???.

He added: ???I believe that we are at a very interesting part of our cultural industries history in Barbados and there are many exciting things to happen…Very shortly you???re going to have a Cultural Industries Bill and that bill will create a legislative platform upon which our cultural practitioners can see themselves as evolving into businesses.???

The music video was done on location at The Crane Beach Hotel.

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